Hello Rovers,

If you're here and reading this article you are definitely an explorer. Welcome to the new world wanderlust and here I'm gonna post my Big step in the Indian map.This place made me really happy in my heart and the best location I've neva seen even in my dreams :)

Tryambhakeshwar - One of the holy temples of Lord shiva.This is located in the Maharashtra and around 30kms(approx.) from Nashik.

 How I fell in love with is the place?

 I was on a small devotional tour with my friends on the end of a semester.
 This tour was a sudden plan for us and we started to move in a car 
and I was like bit bored of long travel from Hyderabad to Shirdi.Looks soo greenery all around many people are busy with their works and my driver is bit enjoying the nature with unknown Marathi songs (that's the worst thing in my travel :P)           

                                                        when I came into my sense of all this and i found a really amazing thing in my life and it was soo beautiful to my eyes and I couldn't stop staring at it.OMG!! WTF a bigggggggggg cloud being hit to the veryyyyyyy big mountain and everyone in the city are very normal and none of my friends was watching. It was a bit embarrassing to me see how it looked.

And now I told my friends to look at that!  later no one stopped starring to it like :O *_*

Now we reached to the main temple as long as we went near the temple the mountain range is turning bigger in size and many clouds started hitting on it like school bullying.I asked my driver about the mountains and later I regretted coz he doesn't know better Hindi than Marathi and I cant understand his binary language LOL, As we came near the temple we saw the mountains and clouds turned as River Which looked like the Lord Shiva's hair.

I wish even lord Shiva must be visited this place at least once in his lifetime.

Later after a small walk to the temple, we found the temple located at the best part must be the magic of Lord Shiva. You can feel the fragrance in the air of the dhoop sticks all over the area.

                                  Looking at the gopuram (head of the temple) I felt in love what an amazing sculpture. The people are creative by birth.
(Pc: Harish sripada)
And now after looking at the gopuram, Positive vibes started to hit my heart and I felt like if I've a life before then I belong to this Place.

                                                         There you find many different people but to my eyes I found 3 people bit different,
First one is an old man at his late 50's came to us with a Trishul Namam on his forehead and a cup filled with lime water also with a small stick dipped in it. He asked us to take this same impression of that nanam on our forehead.We asked him how much; he said something in Marathi pointing towards the gopuram we understood that it something like a god's order and we took and paid him 10rs INR. The second one, were actually two persons around 25-28years asked us that they will show a route which reduces the time for darshan and that path leads directly to Gharbhagudi ( mid temple where the idol is located) they were insisting us in Hindi that " Don't go in the normal queue it takes 4-5 hours, come with us we will take you" We felt something wrong and those people are manipulating and we went in the normal queue.Later we had a good darshan although it was a big queue anyhow we managed to be earlier. The third one was I didn't even see him but his saffron-coloured house is located on the top of the cliff surrounded by a bunch of trees and few clouds are also passing through his windows and yeah!!!! He is the luckiest person in the India.

Later the day....

When I came home I started missing the place and the scenarios flashing in my eyes. Then started to google everything about the mountains, I came to knew that the mountains were "
Bramhagiri hills " and it is the place of origin to the River Godavari.This is not only a place for the Devotees but even atheists can visit to have some adventurous moment in their life.It has two ways to climb the mountain 1: Steps 2: Trek.

     I personally feel that anyone who loves the trekking adventures will love this one and If any of you are interested please contact me at my facebook link( fb.com/Chaitubheemz).